Invitation for submission of tender for hiring of a local security guard

August 23 , 2017

Invitation for submission of tender for hiring of a local security guard

 Consulate General of India in Melbourne invites fee proposals from eligible companies to provide one local Security Guard during the day time security at Consulate premises for one year duration.

 2. Successful company shall provide one security guard for day time duty from 0830hrs to 1800hrs with one hour lunch break from 1300hrs to 1400hrs, which is not to be included in the price. Security Guard will have responsibility to (i) Allow visitors to enter through entrance gate and to check visitors against any fire arms/weapons, (ii) take down their personal data (iii) Keep the gadget of the visitors in safe custody iv) Keep a watch on the visitors (v) remove visitors, who become abusive, agitated or violent and report the matter to Consulate officials and Australian Federal Police vi) Keep demonstrators outside the premises of the Consulate vii) Any other security function

 3. Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

 i. Age: The security personnel should not be more than 50 years of age. Supervisor should not be more than 55 years of age.

ii. The security personnel should be physically and mentally fit.

iii. Character and Antecedents verified: The security personnel should have been vetted by local government’s security department(s) in terms of past record, character and antecedents.

iv. Uniform: The security personnel should perform their duties in smart uniforms and their overall appearance should be neat and clean.

v. Training: The security personnel should possess training in basic security duties such as access control and anti-sabotage checks (of person, baggage and vehicles) including the use of basic security tools such as Hand held Metal Detector (HHMD), Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD), monitoring CCTV, baggage and letter scanners etc.

vi. Supervision: Provisions for real time checks of functioning of the security personnel should be there to ensure that the quality of the provided staff.

vii. Knowledge of Language: The security personnel should have working knowledge of English and Hindi.

viii. Registration: Should provide proof of compliance as regards local laws and statutory regulations in running a private security company.

ix. Other clients: Should furnish information about its other clients including period and type of service rendered.

x. Service conditions: To provide details of salary, gratuity, allowances, leave etc. given to security personnel.

xi. Option to choose & retain: To provide choice of security personnel.

xii. Rotation of staff: Should have sufficient security personnel on its roll so that the staff is rotated periodically.

 4. The fee proposal is to be submitted in two parts, as outlined below:

 (i) Company Profile (As per enclosed formats)

(ii) Financial Bid (As per enclosed formats)

 5. The call for fee proposals shall close on 18.09.2017 at 5:00 PM (local time Melbourne, Australia). The completed fee proposals should be submitted/sent in a closed cover marked on ‘Bid for provision of Security Guard’ to:

 Mr. Rakesh Malhotra

Consul & HOC

Consulate General of India in Melbourne

344 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3000


Tel: +61-3-96825219

 6. Consulate General of India in Melbourne shall not be responsible for any postal delays. Companies must ensure that their fee proposal is received at the Consulate before closing time on 18.9.2017

 7. A Fee Proposal Evaluation Committee shall open all submissions on 19.9.2017.

 8. Payments made by Consulate General of India in Melbourne shall always be upon completion of works and not in advance. Payments shall be made in the form of A$ denominated ch eques payable in Melbourne.

 9. The Consulate General of India, Melbourne reserves its right to reject the tender bids received and to suspend or terminate the bid proceedings without giving any reason.

10. Application forms are given below. 

Application Form - Company Profile

Application Form - Financial Bid